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A Glimpse on Fashion Knit

Fashion Knit is a leading factory in the production of circular knitted fabrics and Knitwear Apparel located in Obour Industrial Area, Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 2008, Fashion Knit is the 4th newly established modern textile factory by an Egyptian leading figure in the textile industry Eng. Ali Abdel Fattah Sabah. Fashion Knit serves both local and international markets. While most textile producers set to profit as their prime target, Fashion Knit has kept its core competence and market reputation to keep on delivering the highest quality and keeps improving its customers’ satisfaction.

our vision

We want to be recognized for our finest quality of knitted fabrics in both the local and global markets. Thus our primary goal is to expand our garment manufacturing lines as well as having dyeing and finishing; in addition to opening a chain of retail stores to provide fashionable unique products for our customers.

our mission

Fashion Knit, is a leading producer in the textile manufacturing business, and its primary goal is not to reach the customer’s expectations but to exceed and excel by providing the highest finest quality, product variety, and best competitive prices for the local and global markets to make our customers satisfied .

our history

Abdel Fattah Hussien Sabah (1st Generation)
Fashion Knit’s Family began back since 1965, when our first factory was established under the name “Norma”, owned by Mr. Abdel Fattah Sabah; in partnership with Mr. Ali ElMessiri, which was led later on by his eldest Son Eng. Hussien Sabah. Norma was issued the 17th textile factory license in Egypt; was one of the biggest exporters to Russia (USSR), Germany, and the USA; in addition to working for both the local market and the Egyptian Army. Norma was terminated in 2000 due to the health issues of Eng. Hussien Sabah, who then passed away. In 2006, Abdel Fattah Sabah was recognized by the “Egyptian Textile And Garment Association ‘ETAGE’” for his great impact in the development of the Textile sector in Egypt.

Ali Abdel Fattah Sabah (2nd Generation)
After receiving his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering in 1975 from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt; Eng. Ali Sabah established his 1st factory in 1975, Arab Company for Knitting, which was specialized in circular knitted fabrics. In 1991, he established his 2nd factory, Top Knit, which was specialized in selling knitted fabrics in the 10th of Ramadan Industrial City, Egypt, for both the local and international markets. Later in 2003, he established his 3rd factory, Marvelous Tex, in Obour Industrial Area, Egypt. However, in 2008, Ali Sabah, shut down both Top Knit and Marvelous Tex and integrated both factories in his newly 4th bigger factory, Fashion Knit, to accommodate to the growth in business.

Mohamed Ali Sabah (3rd Generation)
He began his work at an earlier stage, since he was managing Marvelous Tex Factory in 2005. Eng. Mohamed Sabah received his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Industrial Engineering from the American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt. He was appointed as the General Manager of Fashion Knit in 2008. Under Eng. Ali Sabah and Eng. Mohamed Ali Sabah’s management, Fashion Knit grew its business in Knitting from 25 Circular machines to almost 50 machines, and a new knitwear apparel production section was opened and now ready for exporting.